Episode 05 - Rebecca Valbuena


Becky Valbuena started her career as an elementary teacher and taught there for 28 years. She was honored as a California Council for the Social Studies Outstanding Elementary Teacher Award of the year and Los Angeles County teacher of the year.

Becky’s work has also taken her far beyond the classroom. She has presented her work at social studies conferences across the United States. She served as President of the Southern California Social Studies Association. She now works as an Instructional Coach for current teachers and teaches future teachers at Cal State Dominguez Hills.

In this episode, Becky shares a wide variety stories and strategies of things that work as an educator. She relates stories from her days as an elementary classroom teacher and strategies she currently uses when she's training adult educators or giving presentations at prestigious conferences. One of Becky's main insights is that what works with kids also works with adults. Learning is learning. We hope you learn something valuable in this episode!

Becky is a close friend of ours. Ryan met Becky during a presentation at his school and they have been close friends ever since. Becky pushed Ryan to start attending and then presenting at conferences. This episode is just one way of expressing our gratitude to the impact Becky has had on us.


Becky mentions the book How Full is Your Bucket, by Tom Rath.

To find out more about the Southern California Social Studies Association visit them on Facebook or their website.

To contact Becky, you may email her at: Valbuenarebecca4@gmail.com


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