School of Thought Podcast

The mission of this podcast is to create a new school of thought at the intersection of leadership, communication, and education. Leadership, communication, and education are inextricably linked. If you’re doing one of these, you’re doing all three. We firmly believe that teaching is an inter-disciplinary act. Leadership, communication, and education are different fields of study, different departments on college campuses, yet you cannot be a great teacher without learning how to lead your students and communicate what you know with your audience. Too often, education reform and professional development efforts focus only on the content of teaching, and ignore the elements of leadership and communication that make great teachers great.

Our conversations are wide-ranging. We bring guests from all walks of life into this new conversation. Our goal is to have real conversations and moments of connection talking about what we love and how we can improve.

  • The “shortcuts” version of each episode is a shortened, edited presentation with a focus on the practical insights and memorable moments shared by our guest.

  • The longform version of each episode contains most, if not all, of the recorded conversation and provides the context for the practical answers found in the “shortcuts” version. It features segments not regularly found in our shortcuts podcasts, including each guest’s reflections on their school experience, favorite teacher, and support circle.

All episodes of the School of Thought Podcast can be found on iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Google Play.

Ryan Cowden

Ryan Cowden is the host of the School of Thought Podcast. He spent 7 years teaching public school in public schools in Southern California. He has also trained educators and leaders as an AVID Staff Developer and independent presenter. Ryan’s early struggles as a teacher caused him to reflect on the nature of teaching, and inspired a search for self-improvement. These conversations, readings, and reflections led to the creation of the School of Thought Podcast, and a focus on bringing insights from the fields of leadership and communication into education.

As a podcaster and speaker, Ryan is passionate about sharing his story and connecting with leaders and educators in a mutual effort to learn, improve, and grow.